Lilly Love

24 Jun

Fact: I love all things Lilly Pulitzer.  Several days ago I even celebrated the National Wear Your Lilly Day (yes, there is one) by wearing my Lilly “Pandamonium” skirt to teach class (at which my students did not bat an eyelash at me wearing a skirt covered in pandas).

I also understand those who don’t love Lilly: the crazy patterns (originally conceptualized by Ms. Pulitzer herself to cover up the crazy juice stains she got at her juice stands) and as one Tweeter said, “Happy Annual Throw-Up on Your Clothes & Wear It Around Day.”  Some prints, yes, are way too loud for me.  I like more subdued, less flashy attire as I myself have quite the “flashy” personality and thus tend toward Lilly’s basics, scarves, plain trousers and bermudas, and stationary items.

Yesterday kicked off a 2-Day LP Super Sale at numerous participating online and brick-and-mortars.  I went a little crazy.  I bought:

Lilly Pulitzer Conrad Sweater in Optical Confusion

Lilly Pulitzer Resort Bermuda Twills in Punch Pink

Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf in Hotty Pink (In Our League)

Lilly Pulitzer Half Moon Crop Pants

Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf in Multi Optical Confusion

I also purchased the  The Pierre Cardigan in Cocktail Pink, & the Casey V-Neck Top in Green Bean.  Like I said, I went a little crazy.  I’m especially excited about the Murfee scarves because a) I love original-looking scarves & b) I’ve been wanting a Murfee for ever & now I have 2!

There is also a Facebook Group I found called The Re-Lilly Group, which essentially is a place to buy, sell & trade your Lillys and to find out about the latest deals at all Lilly Via and Online shops.  Through this FB group, I was able to buy these shorts (still NWT) from another member in both the green color & the pink color for half off!  The Re-Lilly Group’s mantra is “Reduce, Reuse, Re-Lilly!”

Thanks so much to Splash of Pink & Under the Palm Tree for making my Lilly Day!

One Response to “Lilly Love”

  1. Mary Catherine July 2, 2011 at 5:06 PM #

    I love that you posted the Jr League Murfee! As a league member it is one of my favorites!

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