Small Sizes

12 Dec

It’s no secret that I’m a tiny woman — I’m 4’10 and weigh 100 lbs.  I’m small for a multitude of reasons, but primarily because I have what’s called Russell-Silver Syndrome.   I really don’t talk about it much because usually people have never heard of it and when I was younger and in school, I wanted to fit in so badly (and for the most part, did) that I felt that answering the question, “What are you so short?” with “I have RSS” would put me in the Freaks & Geeks category.


I’m older and wiser, now, and have a great sense of self and have accomplished so many wonderful things with my life.  I also have become somewhat active in the RSS community by joining online organizations, such as TARSS (Teens and Adults with RSS) to help others, especially scared parents, understand and gain confidence in the fact that size is not an identity.  Granted, at 4’10 in stocking feet I’m rather “tall” for a RSS person (which is akin or in the family of dwarfism, but not a true dwarf) and I don’t have many of the myriad of characteristics held by the syndrome.  However, I am short (my bones capped when I was 12, which means I’ve been the same size since I was that age), which often makes buying clothes (in particular, dresses, skirts, and pants) a challenge.


I’ll admit it: I’m a clotheshorse.  When cleaning out my closet this past weekend, my husband joked that I had more clothes than there were days left on earth.  Hyperbole aside, he’s probably not far off.  Tops fit me fine, as do sweaters and most jackets.  However, dresses and shoes have proven the biggest hurdle, fashion-wise.  I have tiny feet (I wear around a size 1 in kids shoes) and, as much as I love her,  I don’t want to wear Hello Kitty sneakers.  I have been able to find “adult” looking shoes — boots and heels and flats and sandals — from Nordstrom and Zappos in particular.  However, because I have high arches and narrow heels, I always have to fix them up with heel inserts and arch supports.  As for dresses, forget it.  I’m short, but somewhat curvy (thank God, or I’d really look 12) and I have a short torso, but very long legs for my height (I have a 26 1/2 inch inseam — compare that to my 5′ 9 husband’s 30 1/2 inseam).  I’m literally all leg with tiny feet.  I live at the tailor.  That is, until now.


I came across two websites recently, eshakti and Cinderella of Boston.  Eshakti’s motto is “We design.  You customize.”  The process involves choosing a garment from a wide range of stylish designs (skirts, tops, pants, jackets, and in particular, dresses) and having eshakti customize your garment based on your measurements.  Their prices are amazing: around $60 on average for a dress and $7.50 to customize.  In addition to having the garments made to fit you (and I would suggest having someone measure you as they ask for a LOT of different types of measurements to provide an exact fit), you can customize your garment as far as hem length, neckline, sleeve length, and so on.  This fall, I’ve made quite a few purchases (after an exhaustive research of the company and reading through reviews on blogs), and ALL of them have turned out like a dream!  Each dress has fit perfectly and I just received a gorgeous red silk skirt in the mail that fits like, well, it was made for me!  Eshakti makes itty-bitty sizes up to 26W, so there’s a dress (or jacket or pants or skirt or . . ) for everyone.  Here are some photos of my selections:


Cutaway shoulder beaded mesh dress (sold out)

Closer view of green dress (with keyhole neck line)

Bow tied neck cotton twill dress (wore to a wedding to rave reviews!)

@ wedding in the red bow-tie neck dress (also bought this in black)


I also purchased (but have no photos in, yet) the Pleated yoke cotton dress, the Ruffle front wrap dress (in black), the Pleated silk skirt, the Asymmetric pleats knit dress (in teal, sold out, & wore to my mom’s birthday with a black cardigan, tights & tall boots and got a LOT of compliments, but, sadly, forgot to take a photo!), and the Pointillist tweed dress (sold out).  I really would like to get the birds who gossip dress and the Pops of color dress before those sell out! Maybe eshakti will send me one to review (hint, hint)?


Cinderella of Boston is also an amazing place to order from if you’re a hard fit, shoe-wise.  They only sell shoes in sizes 2-5 1/2.  However (and VERY lucky for me), their shoes run small.  Take a look at their size chart:



Like eshakti, Cinderella of Boston‘s website can quickly become addicting if you don’t watch out.  I ordered three pairs of shoes this fall, and each one is nearly perfect!  I say nearly because even though they fit length and width wise, I find that I still need some sort of arch support, but that’s not their fault.  The shoes are ALL well-made and look expensive.  Here’s what I’ve ordered:


The Elite (in black). Photo c/o Cinderella of Boston.

The Dorado Boot. Photo c/o Cinderella of Boston.

The Sage Bootie (my favorite!). Photo c/o Cinderella of Boston.


I am so in love with all of these shoes!  The heels on them run around 3 inches, which is the highest heel I’ve ever had, but I took to it immediately!  C.O.B. is supposed to be coming out with their Spring 2012 line very soon, so I’m ear-marking a little bit of money for a cute pair of wedges or sandals.   You can find the above shoes here, here, and here.  However, the shoes at C.O.B. sell out fast, so if you have tiny feet, I would order right away.  They are pretty quick with shipping and send you communication about your order throughout its transit, which I like.

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  1. Kate June 11, 2012 at 9:16 PM #

    Wow! I am eternally grateful for the tip to check out eShakti! Am currently obsessively looking at the website. Very cool. And am about to send the shoe rec off to two friends with tiny feet 🙂

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