NOLA Birthday Weekend!

6 Feb

Today I turned the big 35 and am officially in my mid-30s.  Last week, I was feeling a bit panicked that the years seem to be speeding by all of the sudden, but our server at La Bayou this weekend in NOLA told me that his mom always said, “Be happy with your birthday, no matter your age, because there are a lot of people who never get to see what age you are now.”  I love this!



In looking back, it’s a miracle in itself that I am even here: I was 1.9 oz at birth (and in 1977, Neo-natal care was not what it is now) and had so many health problems as a kid.  I feel that I’ve come so far: I have a wonderful husband, family, I’ve graduated college with honors, gone to and graduated grad school, have published a book, have written another (which is a two-time finalist for a book award), I teach in my chosen field, I have my health, a house, three hilarious cats, good friends, good food, and happiness.  I am incredibly blessed and have had a wonderful birthday!


Jackson Square, NOLA


Jeff & I went to New Orleans for my birthday weekend and have the BEST time!  We stayed at the Cornstalk Hotel again (and came home with the craziest ghost experience I’ve ever had, which I will leave for another post) and got to enjoy the Krewe du Vieux Mardi Gras parade right outside of our hotel on Royal St.  On Friday night, we had dinner at La Bayou  and coffee and beignets (of course) at Cafe du Monde.  We went up on the Moon Walk and drank our cafe au lait and looked at the passing carriages in front of Jackson Square. We lunched on Saturday @ the storied Galatoire’s (me: shrimp Étouffée and a Pimm’s Cup, Jeff: crab gratin and a Sazerac) and had a casual dinner after the parade @ Chartres House Cafe.  On Sunday, we walked around the Quarter for a bit and had brunch @ Stanley, which had the best view of Jackson Square.  It was, hands down, the best birthday.



Getting my beads on!



Tonight, I’m having dinner (TBD) and cake (at Houston’s Chocolate Bar)with my friend Becca & Jeff.  So much fun!

One Response to “NOLA Birthday Weekend!”

  1. j9kovac February 7, 2012 at 1:18 AM #

    Happy Birthday, Amanda! My twins were born at 1# 12 oz, and 1# 9 oz. (They just turned 2 years old). I know all about neonatal care from 35 years ago! You are truly a miracle baby and I love the inspirations that you deliver to my inbox.

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