1 Jan

Happy New Years!  Here’s to a wonderful, peaceful, joyous, and blessed 2013!


A few of my favorite resolutions for 2013:

1. To practice mindfulness

2. To read more.  Really.  I read something like 100 books while in the Bennington MFA program and since I started teaching in 2008, I have found myself with less and less time to read (hence the piles of half-read books strewn about).

3. To journal more.  I love journaling and it also relates to item no. 1.

4. To attend church more (also see no. 1).

5. To take a deep breath and write.  Write!  I’ve written very little since a) my second book came out this summer and b) my surgery this early fall.  I need to write again.  Something. Anything.

6. Cook/bake more (and more healthful dishes).

Overall, I want to do things that make me a more centered, peaceful, well-rounded, happier person.  I think I am generally those things, but I find myself dilly-dallying around and things I want to do tend to get pushed behind piles of papers to grade, laundry, cats to brush, shoes to buy…you get the picture.

I love the promise of a new year.  I love a clean slate, a new page, a fresh breath.  And so it begins. . .


c/o tumblr

c/o tumblr

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