NaPoWriMo 2019, Day 7

7 Apr



When I was born, I weighed one pound and nine ounces. My parents received me as a foster child when I was discharged from the hospital at five months, then weighing five pounds. They adopted me about half a year later. My dad (above in 1979) has never gotten over how small I was when my mother brought me home from the hospital. I’ve looked up photos of other babies who weighed approximately the same as I did, and it’s simply shocking. Note: I was only about a week early. My birthmother starved herself to conceal her pregnancy and only gained around ten pounds during the pregnancy.

Here is today’s poem:


My Father Explaining How Small I Was

for C.V.A.

Note: I will only leave poems up for a week or so before removing them, so I can edit and submit later.

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