NaPoWriMo, Day 8

8 Apr


I came across this photo of a woman showing her children’s baby teeth and was incredibly moved. I’ve been thinking a lot about the women and children at the border and it’s incredibly heartbreaking.

Today’s poem gets its inspiration from the above photograph. It’s a triolet, which was incredibly difficult to do as it is a form based on repeats. I came across Katie Ford’s triolet, “Triolet with Two at the Hill” in her new book, If You Have to Go, and was intrigued by the form and repetition.

Side note: I will be keeping up new poems from NaPoWriMo only one week each and then they will either disappear or be redacted so that I may edit and submit them.

Here’s today’s poem:


Triolet with Baby Teeth


Note: Poems are kept up for only about a week or so before being removed, so that I may edit and submit them.

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