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5 May

I have been doing some springtime nesting around my house lately, which I suppose comes out of my month-long illness during March/April and hiatus from writing.  I like my house to look warm and nested.  I purchased the above curtains today here and the bedspread awhile back here.  I’m very much a bargain-hunter and I love those times when I can find pretties for cheap.

My friend H. told me years ago about Kirkland’s but I never actually visited the store (even though it’s right down the road from me) until earlier this year when I needed a new table runner for the coffee table in my living room.  Kirkland’s is like a cross between HomeGoods and Pier1: great, unusual finds and low prices.  I mean, gorgeous curtains for $24.95?  A luxe table runner for $15?  Yes, please!

I have friends coming over Saturday night for dinner (I’m making my famous spinach-goat cheese-tomato pizza, Kamila of Kamila’s Kitchen is making a dessert, L.’s bringing the vodka for these Pink Elephant cocktails, and R.’s bringing the popcorn) and for a movie, so I wanted to spruce things up a bit, especially after a long, dreary winter.  Besides, having a house that is clean, pretty, and comfortable helps me write, which is something I’m going to spend more time with now that a) I’m no longer sick and b) am almost finished with the semester!